The house of Torani is a potpourri of nostalgic memories of fables that Karan Torani’s grandmother told him while growing up. Remembering Indian classic handlooms mixed with Indian mythologies, culture and folklore.


Celebrating Indian weddings with nostalgia, rituals and tent houses. Featuring Vijay Verma, Richa Chaddha and Kusha Kapila. 


This campaign for Torani seeks the truth about women, about their needs, about our society and about the preconceived notions that have been seeped so deep within, that we don’t even realise the stereotypes of beauty we are comfortable with


While we often speak of everything that goes into the making of a big fat Indian wedding, seldom do we speak of the universal emotion of parting ways with one’s parents and making a new home. Something that every girl goes through. “Naveli” lies in the heart of that feeling. Naveli features the very talented Tanya Maniktala


This campaign showcases the silent conversation that runs between a mother and daughter in-laws. “Dopahar” is an ode to those whispers and the words which were never really spoken, but only felt.


Capturing the details of everyday monotony.