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At Nazaare, we believe in expressing the unexpressed and tapping into the untapped, finding beauty in mundanity. Fueled by a childlike curiosity to explore and create, we intend to take our art to new heights. The things we create at Nazaare are pieces of our hearts presented to you. 


In the end, it's all about creating art together and taking our imagination to greater heights.

So, let's create something together?

Our Story

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Nazaare, derived from the Hindi word for 'sights' or 'visions,' was founded by Karan, driven by his fascination with capturing the hidden beauty in everyday moments on Instagram Stories. Dissatisfied with the notion that only conventional sights were worthy of attention, Karan embarked on a mission to unveil the magic within the mundane. Our lens is not limited to grand landscapes or picturesque vistas; instead, it seeks out the hidden stories and nuances that make each moment unique. 


As like-minded individuals joined the team, they shared the belief that true beauty lies in the intricacies of life, in unnoticed moments holding immense meaning. We strive to capture the essence of human experiences, the fleeting expressions, and the smallest gestures that often go unnoticed. 


For us, these are the Nazaare—the moments that possess the power to evoke emotions, spark connections, and unveil the beauty of the human spirit. Nazaare is dedicated to revealing the untapped enchantment within diverse people, emotions, and places, unraveling the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Throughout our journey, we have come a long way, working with leading brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and documentary industries. At Nazaare, we have a deep passion for work that involves telling stories and capturing underlying emotions. Our unique approach is evident in our fashion campaigns, where we infuse the beauty of simple things with the art of storytelling. We believe that every project, regardless of its genre, should have a narrative that resonates with the audience and brings out the essence of the subject. Whether it's a captivating fashion campaign or a compelling documentary, Nazaare's team is dedicated to creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging content that leaves a lasting impression.

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