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From India, With Love

There is more to fragrances than just scents. They serve as memory gateways. Memories from our youth. Of the summer vacations we spent at our house. Of the aangans. Of Nani ke ghar ka khaana. Of that shaam ki chai with our favourite pakodas and samosas

How bizarre that the smallest scent has the ability to take us back in time. The aromas of what appear to be insignificant daily rituals can suffuse us with memories of our customs, of our homes, and of India.

Project Paathshala

Yuvati Selection honours this transitionary phase in a young girl’s life. With this First Ritual, they celebrate her beauty and resilience.



From her humble dwelling, she gazes at the sky,
Her dreams soaring high, her spirit eager to fly.
From a dreamer to a doer, she transforms,
Breaking the mould, defying the norms.

Celebrating Diwali with Maleesha

Looks Good, Feels Better

Lights, Camera, Touch-up

Team Nazaare capturing every shade and shimmer of Forest Essentials' new Make-up line!

The Story of Ayurveda

Ancestral wisdom, passed down over 6000 years from one woman to the other, refined and transformed into the world of beauty as we see it today.


We present to you a member of age-old rituals, a story of many thousand years of evolution of the science of natural beauty.

Store: ASMR 

ASMR video for Forest Essentials Store on the occasion of Diwali.

Beauty and Products

A journey of self-expression through beauty. 

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