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Fab India


Indigo Diaries 

Fab Street 



Fabindia is an umbrella multi-category store brand with a unique ethnic, artisanal positioning across the categories of fashion, lifestyle, home décor, and personal care. A legacy focusing on handcrafted, indigenous products.

Celebrating Togetherness

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The brand’s initiative is named ‘Kala Kapda Karigar’ which translates as ‘Craft, Fabric Artisan’ and its first launch is a collection named Indigo Diaries by FabIndia. inspired by the town of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh.


Featuring streetwear for the Indian youth that is easy, affordable and trendy in its designs.


Owing a gread deal to artisans, who create masterpieces on a daily basis. With a strong influence of cultural heritage, We captured the hand block printing collection for Fab India, featuring sustainable, intricate and mesmerising designs imprinted with chiseled blocks on the fabrics.


Highlighting one of the most prominent crafts of India, Chikankari through a Fab India campaign. The brand films capture the artisan community, the youth and the brand itself in making and wearing of these finely handcrafted products.

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