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Brand Films

Weddings and Fittings

Two sisters get on a video call with their NRI Maami and NRI cousin who face the age-old dillema of what to wear for the big fat Indian Wedding! 

The presence of family emerges as the ultimate problem-solver for all their headaches.

The Proposal

In a curious twist of tradition, the distinction between marriage proposals and engagement ceremonies remains blurred for some individuals. The film reflects on how evolving times shape perceptions of proposals and marriages.

Wedding shopping with strangers

As the Bride and Groom happily shop for their wedding, they find themselves under the watchful gaze of judgmental onlookers questioning the absence of their parents. This narrative challenges the conventional notion that shopping for one's wedding requires parental presence, focusing on the evolving dynamics of modern relationships.

The essence being; while the tradition may suggest involving parents, it is equally valid for a couple to navigate this significant chapter independently, making choices and crafting their special day together.

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