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Aashiyana showcases the relationship of roommates who build an abode of love, fights, emotions and many experiences. This film was made for the social media launch of P-TAL’s new line of Kansa based products.


In this film, we tried to find similarities between the journey of our lives and the journey of kansa. A journey, a journey of innumerable experiences, of achievements, of happiness, of identity. It is this journey that makes me, 'me'; that makes you, 'you'. Likewise the metal "kansa" goes through several hands, tiring processes, blazing fire, beating hammer & so much more to make a place in our households. It could be in the form of a kansa thali, a kansa glass, a kansa decor piece- they all have a story to unfold


Film for store launch of P-Tal, 'Bartan ki dukaan', their first P-TAL store in the heart of Delhi. Beautiful craftsmanship & aesthetic usage.


The hammered beating sound is the announcement of the rhythmic metalwork going on in the lanes of the artisans. Unveiling to you, the story of the Master of his craft, Entrepreneur by mind & Thathera by heart, Manoharlal Ji.


As kids, the word thathera was a mere consonance with the ‘th’ syllable that we enjoyed murmuring. In this film, we tried to display the essence of being a Thathera through the perspective of a child who has seen his father work hard for many years.


In this brand film, we captured the celebration of the auspicious festival of lights in the most traditional way to experience the connection of millennials to our roots.

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